mast·HER·mind (n.) a group of women committed to growth, learning, sharing and building momentum.



plan·HER (n.) a system created to guide you through each quarter of business planning, focused on growth and implementation of new ideas, organic networking and coaching sessions to pull it all together.




MastHERmind groups starting in




The MastHERmind program provides clients who are currently participating, or have completed the MastHERplan 1:1 coaching program with the opportunity to scale your business by providing you with business coaching, accountability, expert resources and a community of

like minded women.

New ideas will flow and stretch you beyond your boundaries when surrounded by

amazing women doing big things. 

The PlanHER system is designed to help women in referral based businesses stay focused, accountable and clear on what actions to take to ensure business growth. 


Schedule a call to see if this is right for you.


What you'll experience

  • Monthly MastHERmind calls focus on your business goals and provide actionable steps to get things done including  tons of new ideas to increase referrals.


  • PlanHER program will take your big goals and translate them into action steps and manageable projects. Stop wondering what to do next, it will all be written down in your PlanHER book.


  • Have access to an experienced, hands-on business coach who will provide expertise

    on monthly ZOOM video calls. Get the help you need to address your current challenges and make a plan to meet your bigger goals.


  • Explore opportunities to expand your access to new clients, networks and resources. 


  • Experience brainstorming at its best...never be at a loss for ideas again.


  • Always have a place to go for answers about growing your referral based business.


This program is purposely small and participants are carefully vetted. As part of this supportive group 

you can depend on others to provide encouragement

and honest feedback.

  • Be part of a small community that wants you to succeed and find joy in your business.  

  • Gain confidence in selling yourself, your products and your services.

  • Create collateral marketing materials and get help implementing systems that work.

  • Maintain focus and momentum around your business.

  • Find more balance and joy at the intersection of your business and your personal life.

The group dynamics are incredibly curated. My call partners work well together and we all have each other’s backs. I also love the check-in prompts that make me feel like it isn’t a "set it and forget it" for Andrea. She is really invested in our successes.




The idea of collaborative thinking and motivation from like-minded women in business is very helpful. Having a sounding board has been great.

It's very helpful to hear other perspectives and you leave with 1-2 good ideas each time.




Terrific way to lay out your business plans, concerns, ideas, fears, wins, worries with like-minded businesswomen in a comfortable environment. It’s a big win, all around!





It's changed how and what I spend my time on.

As a solopreneur, we get inside our heads. Having a group of smart women dedicated to your success is a MUST!





I have formed new business alliances with

group members.

Having new connections who have motivated me to get things done more efficiently. I also like that these connections have become friends.

Included in the the program

Interactive Monthly Calls

Share your current challenges, progress, adopt best practices, get new ideas, develop implementation plans and set your goals and action items for the next call. The calls

are structured so everyone gets the time they need and benefits

from each other.

Membership Site

Every month new content is added that addresses your business challenges including; custom templates, articles of interest,

links to resources, worksheets,

guides on how to get things done

and more. This helps you stay

current with best practices, tools and habits to work smarter.

Mid-month Coffee date

using Zoom

 Designed to help you stay accountable and move forward with your monthly goals. A great check-in to address new opportunities and focus on the bigger picture that

often gets lost in the day to day running of your business.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with more than just the four members  on your call cohort, meet all the women in this program. Test out ideas, seek opinions and expand your network, referrals and reach. Andrea will give feedback regularly on anything posted.

PlanHER  System

This quarterly planner keeps you  track: your bigger vision, goals you set, creating targets to measure success, prioritizing what to do next and identifying income opportunities. Making accountability easier to maintain.

No more wondering what to do!


Access to resources and contacts that can help you run your business more efficiently.  No need to waste time wondering who to use for what, introductions are provided to a group of preferred trusted vendors. 

The MastHERmind program combines monthly coaching with the PlanHER system, please click on the link below for more information.​

Being able to hear from women who are not in my industry.

Having new connections who have motivated me to get things done more efficiently. I also like that these connections have become friends.

It's made me reconsider some of my marketing/prospecting techniques.

Andrea has a unique way of cutting through the nonsense to help get to what’s important. This is so helpful! She’s nurturing and sharp which helps to break through the many obstacles in the road. She helps to see the big picture instead of wallowing in the small details.

I liked the idea of a smaller, power partners environment.

 My business planning this year was much smoother and made me think about my business differently.

It's very helpful to hear other perspectives and you leave with 1-2 good ideas each time.

  • Starting or have a referral based business (industry doesn't matter) 

  •  Motivated and want to be accountable and more disciplined

  • Open to receiving honest feedback, insights, and ideas

  • Willing to commit, show up and be present for each session

  • Looking for a group of women who will help you get the answers you need and refer you to the best business solutions

  • Ready to execute on the advice received

  • Excited to ounce ideas off others

  • Enjoy sharing your expertise, insights and connections with others

"Knowing when to ask for help is a BIG step

in growing your business"

How to get started

Follow these simple steps to apply to this program and take your business to the next level- getting it out in a BIG way. This program is only available to women who have completed, or are currently in the MastHERplan 1:1 coaching program

Step 1:

Complete and submit your application.





Step 2:

I will reach out in a few days to schedule a quick call to discuss your goals and ideal timing for the call group.





Step 3:

You will receive a welcome email with call date/time options, payment info and a getting started packet.


  • How do I know if the MastHERmind program is right for me?

    This program works for women who are building a referral based  business. It is all about creating the systems, new ideas to execute and a platform for accountability, keeping you on track and expert coaching. Just schedule a call with me to see if it is right for you. This six month program provides consistent business development coaching and sustainable habits to keep momentum in your business.

  • Where and when do the sessions take place?

    On a ZOOM video-conference call so you can join us from anywhere. There are four women on your call each month. You will understand each other's business goals and challenges very quickly.  

    We will ask you during the inquiry call if you prefer an evening, morning or daytime spot and we will try our best to accommodate you.

  • What happens when I join?

    You’ll receive a welcome email from our team. This will include dates of our sessions, an intro to the other women in the group, and all of the resources you need to get started.  

  • Who is in the private Facebook Group? Who answers questions that are posted?  

    The private Facebook group will include women in the MastHERmind program, who may be on a different call than you each month, this is an opportunity to tap into even more brilliance and see the power of women on a mission to help each other. 

    Andrea answers questions and posts relevant content in this group every few days.  


  •  How will I be kept accountable? 

    The planHER system is all about accountability and tracking your progress. The mid-month ZOOM  call check in is a good time to review your plans, review what you committed to work on this month and another chance to ask for help if you are feeling stuck.​ The Facebook group is also an excellent way to get additional coaching. 

  • What types of businesses are the other women in?

    These groups are carefully curated so that everyone's needs are addressed, women are from all different business types and sizes - this is what makes the magic. 

    We have women who are graphic designers, accountants, coaches, financial advisors, realtors, fashion designers, authors, therapists,MLM products, wellness specialists, branding consultants, etc.

  • I have a business but need direction and a plan to continue growing it, is this a good fit for me?  

    Yes, you are in the right place! 

    The women in these groups are all focused on increasing their income, creating more manageable systems, finding creative new ideas, and supporting each other in a big way.  I also have a coach on my team who specializes in transitions and helping women find their next step.


  • What if I can't make a group call?

    Of course, showing up live is the best way to make the most out of the group but we know that it’s not always possible. That’s why there are recordings available of every call so you can listen on your own time.  


  • If I am on the waitlist, how long will it be before a new group gets started? 

    We start the groups every few months and spots are offered in the order you were added to the waitlist. You will be notified when registration opens.  



  • Anything else?

    For any additional questions, please email to set up a call.





Meet your facilitator


Business Development Coach

Andrea has been a business development coach and mentor for the past eight years. She has worked with women, helping them make big choices about their careers and businesses. More about me, HERE.


My style is very direct and I am fully involved in many parts of my client's businesses. I am transparent about what works and what doesn't, based on my previous client experiences. I have created tons of content and refined best practices that help my clients get to their goals faster and with a clear path. I address where you are today in your business and get you moving in the right direction.

What my clients have to say

"Andrea is wonderfully warm and skilled ... she helped me get clear about my business goals and priorities, she is also a massive confidence boost - giving me the strength to believe in myself. Her group calls help ground me and motivate me to take the positive action I need to propel my business forward. Her support, alongside that of the other women in the group, has been invaluable."


"An idea that was conceived a year ago is coming to fruition in a fuller way than I imagined possible. The MastHERMind group has provided me with accountability to move my projects forward; support in facing my fears of doing something out of my realm of expertise; and insight from women of varying industries creating a wider lens to look at opportunities and challenges faced by a multipreneur. I am grateful to Andrea and her intentional pairings to ensure I get what I need for my business while being able to freely and easily give back to the other women in my group. In addition to our calls, the Facebook group has introduced me to a larger group of women all moving their businesses forward. It is inspiring to see what everyone is accomplishing in the short time I have been involved."  



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